A downloadable game for Windows

Its a temporal paradox with the butterfly effect.
The player takes over the lives of 17 different people, needs to make decisions of their lives of what they are going to do by driving them to their destinations. The smallest of decisions are life altering, can cause breakups or divorces, make someone rich or broke, can help someone to find love or death.

The player tries to solve the movement puzzle the player themselves created by driving the townspeople.

The driving mechanics are arcade like and fluid, time movement mechanic is like in Braid (the game).

WASD or arrow keys to drive.

Backspace to rewind, release to resume or let the car rewind back to the start position.

Escape for pause menu. Escape to Resume.

DEMO: (free) https://ironboundmanzer.itch.io/ttraffic-demo

3 tutorial levels and 6-11 random days to play randomly picked from 1-31 days.

Main Game: (paid) You will be playing complete 31 levels including 3 tutorial levels. The story is still not in the game but will be when the game will be finished.https://ironboundmanzer.itch.io/traffic

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Install instructions

extract the .rar and double click on Verkehr.exe


Demo version of Traffic 240 MB